Agricultural Biostimulants and Industrial Cleaners

Evolution Organics supply a range of organic, and ECO friendly Agricultural Biostimulants and Industrial Cleaners offering many advantages over traditional products in terms of safety, performance and environmental impact. We supply many markets in Australia and Internationally where natural, environmentally friendly inputs are required or desired by the client. These products have been specifically developed for the Industrial, Agricultural, Food processing, and hospitality sectors and are HACCP compliant for all products supplied.

EVO® Crop Agricultural Biostimulants

Biostimulants are substances or microorganisms applied to plants with the aim of
enhancing nutritional efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance and/or crop quality traits. Evolution Organics has a portfolio of 13 agricultural Biostimulant products that are based on unique formulations that promote plant health and crop yield potential, unlocks and enhances the plants’ genetic potential and stimulation of root development of beneficial soil flora.

The products are comprised of non toxic, naturally occurring plant extracts resulting in
organic status and no withholding periods. The products are compatible with and complimentary to other emerging Biostimulant technologies and fit existing farm practices

EVO® Crop helps the plant to produce its own range of secondary metabolites which result in:
– Increased photosynthesis
– Increased root exudates
– Healthier and more efficient root systems
– Activates the natural defence mechanisms
– Balance the plants hormone levels
– Increase crop quality and yield
– Improved soil health
– Ability to deal with Environmental Stresses

These products are commercially available in Australia and exported to a number of international countries where significant commercial benefits have been demonstrated.

EVO® Industrial Cleaners

Evolution Organics are pioneers in the use of naturally occurring plant extracts as replacements for hazardous quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine, peroxide, and complex amine based products, in most disinfecting applications. Being totally non-toxic and non-hazardous, this new technology is ideal for all areas where good antimicrobial action is required, together with a greatly reduced potential for adverse chemical reactions is needed, both from a human and produce perspective. Our unique technology represents a real, natural, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to current hazardous products.h2>Eco Friendly chemical technology

Evolution Organics manufactures most of its products from renewable resources that are either naturally occurring or have been subjected to minor synthetic modifications. Based on mostly sugars and coconut oil, these ingredients are substantially more biodegradable than normal detergent ingredients, and their degradation by-products are generally harmless to the environment.

Added to this, the use of some innovative technology has allowed us to provide non dangerous goods alternatives in the kitchen and laundry areas, thus reducing risks to staff and equipment, while eliminating storage limitations.

EVO® Bag in Box

Evolution organics are leaders in environmentally responsible packaging for our products.
The Bag in a Box system is a much smarter and safer option, all boxes come with a tap pre-installed to minimise risk of spills, and when the box is empty you simply throw the bag in the bin and the box into your recycling.

All boxes have a PET coating making them extremely durable. After years of development we’re finally able to deliver a Bag in a Box system ideal for wet areas or cold room environments.

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