Final Finish

Final Finish is a new generation terminal rinse sanitizer designed to reduce the risk of microbial contamination of food handling surfaces by controlling the growth of harmful micro organisms. Final Finish is made entirely of USFDA GRAS listed ingredients that are classified either as foods or food additives under the FSANZ code, providing a safe non toxic alternative to traditional quaternary ammonium based sanitizers.
Final Finish provides a broad spectrum activity against bacteria, mould and fungi that remains active long after oxidizing sanitizers such as chlorine and peroxide cease to work, making it an ideal treatment for overnight or over weekend protection of surfaces.
Final Finish is safe to use on all surfaces and residues washed off do not present any hazards to subsequent sewerage treatment or septic tank systems, and does’nt present any hazards during use, regardless of the concentration used.

Terminal Rinse Sanitizer

Dilution Rate
1 : 50

Pack Size
15lt., 3x5lt.

Final Finish

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