Foul Tamer

Foul Tamer is designed for cleaning animal and fowl enclosures.It’s a one shot solution for removing contamination and destroying microbial growth and associated odours that may have been generated by it.
Foul Tamer is much safer than existing Products, and will not damage surfaces or materials of construction feed lines pens etc in poultry and livestock sheds. It presents no risk to, livestock, poultry or the operator during application, and has no harmful residual effect. Foul Tamer is a fully organic formulation that is easy to use, non polluting, and being rapidly biodegradable will present minimum impact on the environment.
When applied to surfaces, residues will not present any handling issues and will continue to assist in control of microbial growth.

Animal Enclosure Cleaner and Sanitizer

Dilution Rate
1 : 50-200

Pack Size
1000lt., 15lt., 205lt.

Foul Tamer

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