Gel Clean

Gel Clean is an alternative concept in heavy duty cleaning. Rather than rely on chemical muscle from high caustic content etc, Gel Clean utilizes its ability to provide a viscous film over soils to allow increased contact time. The high wetting agents in Gel Clean have increased time to penetrate soils, allowing difficult areas to be cleaned without high mechanical energy inputs. Gel Clean is an excellent alternative for cleaning building exteriors, particularly where render is present, as it provides the cleaning power without the risk of render damage from high pressure cleaning. Gel Clean is simple to dilute and easy to apply, making it a good choice for small jobs or hard to reach areas. Gel Clean is economical as what is sprayed onto the surface stays on the surface. No losses through runoff.

Viscous Hard Surface Detergent Gel

Dilution Rate
1 : 9

Pack Size

Gel Clean

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