Hand & Body

Hand & Body Wash is a non hazardous solvent free water based formulation designed for use as both a hand soap and a body wash in kitchens, bathrooms and bathhouses. Hand & Body Wash incorporates the latest technology in emulsification and skin protection ingredients to deliver superior cleaning performance while protecting skin from drying. All emulsifiers used are fully biodegradable making this product safe for use in septic tank or pondage outfall areas. Hand & Body Wash contains a natural antioxidant and sanitizer to help protect the skin from bacterial infections. Hand & Body Wash has a pleasant apple fragrance to leave hands clean and fresh without any residual overpowering smell that may impact at meal times, or if used around food handling areas.

Eco Friendly Hand & Body Wash

Dilution Rate
Ready to Use

Pack Size
12x800ml, 15lt., 3x5lt.

Hand & Body

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