Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is a breakthrough in post wash hand sanitizing, offering fully organic ingredients with a natural fresh fragrance. Hand Sanitizer is a low alcohol formulation providing excellent coverage of all hand areas, it is quick drying, and no alcohol related problems such as drying of skin or inhalation of alcohol fumes. Hand Sanitizer is very effective against a wide range of microbial organisms commonly found on hands, and not only quickly reduces the number of organisms to a safe level, but helps protect hands for several hours after application. Hand Sanitizer also contains powerful antioxidants and skin conditioners to help protect skin from the harsh environment of day to day activities.Hand Sanitizer is easy to use and can be dispensed through a pump, spray or foam applicator making it a very versatile product.

Eco Friendly Hand Sanitizing Spray / Foam

Dilution Rate

Pack Size
12x800ml, 15lt., 3x5lt.

Hand Sanitizer

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