Mould bomb

Mould Bomb is a one shot solution to destroying microbial growth and the associated odours that may have been produced by it. It combines the power of citrus bioflavonoids and essential oils to produce a simple to use effective formulation that’s been designed for use in applications where large areas have been fouled by spills, decaying matter or floods. Mould Bomb is a much safer product to use than existing methods as it presents no risk to children, pets or the operator during application, and has no harmful residual effect, it’s so safe it can be sprayed around tradesmen while they work. Mould Bomb is a fully organic formulation that is completely safe for humans and animals, non polluting, and will not affect surfaces it contacts. It is an ideal product for trades people and emergency service personnel attending sewer overflows, floods, deceased environments etc. Mould Bomb can be safely used in confined spaces without the need for special breathing equipment. Mould Bomb has been extensively used throughout the Mackay & Brisbane floods as well as the cyclone yasi rebuild for the treatment of all mould and bacterial growth caused by sewer & storm water saturation. Mould Bomb quickly became the product of choice for many insurance companies and there associated builders through earning a reputation for being a quick, easy, reliable and completely safe product to use in domestic and commercial environments. The use of Mould Bomb meant builders could eliminate any possibility of the occupants becoming ill as a result of the treatment.

Organic Antimicrobial

Dilution Rate
1 : 4

Pack Size
15lt., 3x5lt.

Mould Bomb

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