Ruff & Tuff

Ruff & Tuff is non-hazardous solvent free water based synthetic formulation designed to clean the heaviest soils and grease from hands.
Ruff & Tuff is designed to replace the so called “waterless hand cleaners” and incorporates the latest technology in emulsification and skin protection ingredients to deliver superior cleaning performance while protecting skin from drying. All emulsifiers used are fully biodegradable making this product safe for use in septic tank or pondage outfall areas.
Ruff & Tuff contains plastic beads to aid in the removal of difficult particulate soils from skin, such as metal fines and grinding dust, without harsh abrasion of the skin experienced with such materials as pumice.
Ruff & Tuff has a pleasant low impact lemon fragrance to leave hands clean and fresh without any residual overpowering smell that may impact at meal times, or if used around food handling areas.

Gritted Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Dilution Rate

Pack Size
15lt., 3x5lt.

Ruff & Tuff

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