Toilet & Bathroom

Toilet & Bathroom is a new style of acidic detergent made from all organic ingredients. It provides powerful cleaning action on hard surfaces in wet areas, including toilet bowls, to remove soils hard water and soap scale build up. Because it is non toxic and non hazardous it is safe and easy to use even in confined areas such as shower recesses.
Toilet & Bathroom also contains a powerful organic sanitizer to help control the return of bacteria and moulds after cleaning. It is a one shot product for safely and effectively cleaning and sanitizing all wet areas , leaving them with a fresh fragrance.
Regular use of Toilet & Bathroom will help surfaces resist mould regrowth , particularly in those difficult to reach areas of showers.

Eco Friendly Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner

Dilution Rate
1 : 50

Pack Size
15lt., 3x5lt.

Toilet & Bathroom

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