Tuff Orange

Tuff Orange is a water based heavy duty degreasing formulation designed to remove grease, dirt smoke stains and burnt on carbon from most hard surfaces. Tuff Orange is designed to provide a heavy detergent film on hard to clean and vertical surfaces, to allow maximum contact with soils and is ideal for softening baked on cooking oils prior to pressure cleaning of equipment.
Tuff Orange is a heavy duty cleaner containing detergents, soil suspending agents, corrosion inhibitors and water soluble solvents to provide excellent cleaning and particulate removal from most surfaces.
Tuff Orange when used with a potable water rinse does not leave any odor or after taste, making it ideal for use on surfaces in direct contact with food, and when used correctly is a very safe and easy product to use. It’s free rinsing for fast and simple removal from cleaned surfaces.

Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent

Dilution Rate
1 : 50

Pack Size
15lt., 3x5lt.

Tuff Orange

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