Tyre Lube

Tyre Lube is a light viscosity tyre bead lubricant designed to aid in the fitting and seating of large tyres on steel rims. It’s thixotropic to provide a strong drip resistant film that delivers a consistent lubricant film between bead and rim, that will remain on surfaces even under high shear conditions. It is non- flammable, non-toxic, does not contain any water, and provides excellent rust protection on rims.
Tyre Lube will resist wash off by water and light duty detergents, and provides a long term barrier coating to aid in removal of tyres during maintenance or repair operations.
Tyre Lube can be applied to a wet surface, will not freeze during cold weather, and will not evaporate in hot climates.
Tyre Lube is manufactured from rapidly biodegradable materials to reduce environmental impact caused by spillages or overspray.

Tyre Fitting Lubricant

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Tyre Lube

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