Vegi Wash

Vegi Wash is a breakthrough in the sanitation of fruits and vegetables prior to consumption. A new generation formulation that is powerful in action, non toxic, naturally based, non irritant and all ingredients are GRAS listed, (Generally Recognized As Safe)
Vegi Wash is the result of 12 years of technical research and development that delivers a potent kill to a broad range of micro-organisms, fungi and mould, without the toxic or limiting side effects of traditional QAC, (quaternary ammonium chlorides), oxidizer, or phenolic based products.
Vegi Wash also has a powerful cleaning and washing action to more effectively remove pesticides and other chemicals that may remain on the surface of the produce after purchase.
Vegi Wash does’nt have the corrosive irritating, or bleaching effects of chlorine, peroxide or peracetic
aci, and it’s not an oxidizing chemical. Vegi Wash is ultra safe to use on all surfaces and in all areas.
Vegi Wash is effective at very low concentrations making it ideal for non rinsing applications.

Eco Friendly Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Dilution Rate
1 : 200

Pack Size
1000lt., 15lt., 205lt., 3x5lt.

Vegi Wash

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