Environmentally Responsible Chemistry

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Our Products

Evolution Organics produce a range of Eco-Friendly and Organic products for the agriculture, mining, and Aquaculture markets and offer a suite of general use products to supporting industries from Transport to processing plants and commercial kitchens.

Our goal is to use our technology to deliver natural organic solutions as an alternative to synthetics, and replace the hazardous quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorine, peroxide, and complex amine-based products currently on offer for disinfection.

Evolution Organics products are in commercial use across numerous countries, led by our EVO® Crop and EVO® Tech ranges, both of which are based on our bioflavonoid technology. These crop and facility inputs, and processing aids, are allowing markets to better control their activities, while reducing the need for synthetic inputs that have high potential to poison the environment. All our products are built on natural plant extracts, and well accepted food additives, to minimise risks for both consumers and the environment, without compromising performance. Our innovative delivery systems provide opportunities to reduce packaging waste and allow more efficient storage. Handling, and disposal issues are minimal as all products are non-hazardous or carry a low hazard risk, there are no dangerous goods in our ranges.  

Evolution Organics prides itself in the delivery of chemical solutions that allow industries to complete their tasks at a reduced cost and lower environmental footprint.


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Our Industries

Product Range

Evo Crop covers all our direct crop contact Agricultural inputs from biostimulants to weed killers and mineral additives.

Evo Tech comprises our eco-friendly, organic sanitisers, processing aids and water treatment products.

Evo Spec is our specialised products range and covers our more unique and custom designed products for specific environmental or task-based needs. The products listed in this range are a guide only as most formulations are of a confidential nature to our clients.

Evo Clean incorporates all our Hospitality and Janitorial products with a strong approach to Eco-Friendly or Organic formulations. These products are usually delivered in our recyclable Bag in Box system.

EVO® Bag in Box

Evolution organics are leaders in environmentally responsible packaging for our products.

The Bag in a Box system is a much smarter and safer option, all boxes come with a tap pre-installed to minimise risk of spills, and when the box is empty you simply throw the bag in the bin and the box into your recycling. Bag in Box systems provide the opportunity for completely closed loop dispensing, almost eliminating operator contact with the concentrate, and the box design allows for far more efficient storage compared to drums.

Our boxes are made from recycled core flute making them extremely durable. After years of development, we’re finally able to deliver a low impact packaging solution for the environment that holds up in all conditions.