Evolution Organics manufacture and supply a portfolio of 13 organic and ECO friendly Biostimulant Crop Inputs targeting a range of applications across all crops.

EVO® Crop products are mainstream products that are applicable to most large scale
commercial cropping enterprises either as a foliar or a seed treatment application that demonstrate cost reductions, yield increase and improved crop quality. EVO® Crop has been trialed on many crops including Fruit, Vegetables, Broadacre crops and Turf, in a broad spectrum of environmental conditions, across varying countries and continents

The EVO® Crop technology is manufactured under HACCP standards and has Organic
Certification (Cert No. 4259M) in a purpose built manufacturing and warehousing facility located in Cannonvale, Qld.

EO has developed the Bag in a Box packaging as an environmentally sustainable, durable
and easy to use unit that supports recycling


Agricultural Product Portfolio

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