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Evo Crop

Agricultural & Processing Aids

Evolution Organics manufacture and supply a portfolio of organic and ECO friendly Biostimulant Crop Inputs targeting a range of applications across all crops.

EVO® Crop products are mainstream products that are applicable to most large scale
commercial cropping enterprises either as a foliar, irrigation, or seed treatment application, that demonstrate cost reductions, yield increase, and improved crop quality. EVO® Crop has been trialled on many crops including Fruit, Vegetables, Broadacre crops and Turf, in a broad spectrum of environmental conditions, across varying countries and continents. Evo Crop products are generally compatible with normal farm inputs and can slot easily into existing farm practices.

EVO® Crop Agricultural Biostimulants

Biostimulants are substances or microorganisms applied to plants with the aim of
enhancing nutritional efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance and/or crop quality traits. Evolution Organics has a large portfolio of agricultural Biostimulant products that are based on unique formulations that stimulate the endophytic organisms responsible for the promotion of plant health and crop yield potential. 

When applied to soil this technology stimulates the beneficial organisms within the soil to improve soil health and enhance nutrient uptake by the plant.

EVO® Crop products help the plant to produce its own range of secondary metabolites which result in:

Evo Tech

Aquaculture & Processing Aids

Based on bioflavonoid technology, Evolution Organic’s sanitizing range offers exceptional performance and safety in a non-hazardous, eco- friendly formula matrix. Our products offer a real alternative to current hazardous materials such as chlorine, peroxide, and quaternary ammonium compounds. FSANZ and AQIS compliant, and all ingredients are GRAS listed.

Evo Tech based products are suitable for use in controlling microbial contamination in many areas, such as facility management, processing of produce, and aquaculture, particularly aquatic farming. The high detergent content of these products permits effective cleaning, while the bioflavonoid base combats pathogenic spoilage organisms, while promoting beneficials. 

Evo Clean

Hospitality & Janitorial Cleaners & Sanitisers

Evolution Organics offer a new generation of high performance eco- friendly products that include sanitisers based on advanced bioflavonoid technology. Our range offers real alternatives to existing hazardous chemicals, to improve operator safety, and deliver a lower cost per use. Packaged in our unique Bag in Box system, these products are easier to store and use, and when empty the packaging is easy to dispose of, reducing environmental load on waste systems.

Evo Spec

Industrial Processing Aids

Evolution Organics Evo Spec range covers products developed for specialised applications in the mining marine, and industrial markets. Such areas as dust suppression, road compaction, spontaneous combustion suppressants, anti scaleants, and heavy-duty safety degreasers, are covered by environmentally responsible alternatives to existing technologies, without a loss in performance. 

Our industrial strength gritted hand cleaner provides unparalleled cleaning performance without using pumice, plastic beads, or nut shell abrasives. 

We have a stocked range of products to suite most applications, however for unique requirements we can easily formulate a product to suit your needs.